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Friday, 09 June 2023
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AMECRYS is a research project funded by the European

Commissionunder the Horizon 2020 programme, in the

framework of Future and Emerging Technologies actions

(FET-OPEN), supporting early-stages of the science and

technologyresearch and innovation around new ideas

toward radically new future technologies.







AMECRYS Newsletter 1

Amecrys Newsletter 2018


The primary goal of the AMECRYS’ consortium is to contribute in revolutionizing

currently used downstream practices in biopharmaceutical productions - mainly

based on expensive and cumbersome multi-step batch chromatography platforms -

by developing an innovative Continuous Template-Assisted Membrane

Crystallization process as key-unit


As ultimate scientific and technological results of the research strategy, AMECRYS’ network aims to boost medical advancement and to increase efficiency in biopharmaceutical productions by matching a twofold outcome:


  • expanding fundamental knowledges in the crystallization mechanisms of large and structurally complex therapeutic bio-macromolecules, allowing an easier structural determination to get their biological function;
  • giving a significant contribution to the assessment of crystallization as main purification step in the downstream processing of therapeutic proteins, with benefits in terms of production efficiency, product quality and reduction of production costs.


The research activity will be focused on the downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), one of the most important class of therapeutic proteins in modern medicine, which are used in a wide range of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune, and inflammation.


Sito 2


The AMECRYS network involves two public research organizations, four academic institutions, and three industrial from four European Countries.
The project runs for four years - from 1 October 2016 through 30 September 2020.


It is our great pleasure to share with you AMECRYS's scientific achievements.


Stay in touch!


On behalf of the Consortium,

Gianluca Di Profio (CNR-ITM, Italy)

AMECRYS' Coordinator