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Tuesday, 16 August 2022
Europe - Rome

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Principal Investigator
Soccorso Nino Gaeta

GVS S.p.a.
Via Roma n°50, 40069, Zola Predosa (Bologna), Italy

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1979: Dr. Chemical Engineering, Naples, Italy
1981: MSc, North Carolina State University, USA

Professional experience
1982–1985: American Can Co., IL, USA -Research Engineer
1985–2001: Separem, Biella, Italy, UF & RO membranes manufacturer -R&D Director and General Manager
2002-present: GVS, Bologna, Italy -Director R&D and currently International Cooperation Manager and Scientific Adviser

10 patents and 100+ publications related to membranes.

Participation to collaborative research projects
29 European (coordinating 8 of them) and 16 Italian (coordinating 8)

North American Membrane Society, European Membrane Society, European Federation of Chemical Engineers, American
Filtration and Separation, and TAU BETA PI

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